About Us - Pest Control

Hello, and welcome to my site. I am Wayne Jackson and I began building and designing websites about 9 years ago. Surprisingly I am really a kitchen fitter by trade, and so the change to creating websites was relatively drastic, having said that I slipped into it without difficulty and today it simply seems to be "what I do". In all honesty I find it an exciting challenge, coming up with ideas and putting them into practise, at times hoping to make some revenue out of it other times just doing it just for fun. This site is a bit of both of those.

I am not sure in regards to yourself, but I have definitely got tired of persistent promotions shoved in my face on sites, nonstop pop-up windows offering up junk I don't need and newsletters I will never read, and having to login or sign up to accomplish anything whatsoever on the majority of modern websites, which means my email account is likely to get the crap spammed out of it and i'm going to need to waste my precious time every day deleting all of this rubbish. I would wager you feel much the same don't you? I am hopeful that you will not feel this way having visited my website.

This site is not dynamic therefore the content will not move around or take ages to load. You will not be asked to register or sign in and I promise you will not get any useless newsletters or email messages. You will probably find some advertising and promotion here, though it isn't stuffed down your throat. And you won't get pop-ups that are hard to get rid of.

It has constantly been my intent to make straightforward, simple websites which are quick loading and hassle free. With luck I have achieved this here and that you've got some benefit from your visit, or perhaps at the very least not have been annoyed by it.

I am not a pest control specialist myself therefore please don't contact me with any queries associated with pest control or for job estimates for pest control jobs, this site was designed to guide you through the different ways to look for a trustworthy pest control expert by yourself.

I don't recommend or endorse any specific service, I've merely provided a few techniques for picking one, the decision is in the end yours alone.

Thanks once more for visiting and I would like to see you here once again soon.